Painting the walls is one of the vital tasks for decorating your home. If you think that your walls are affected by age, then it’s time to give them a fresh coat of paint. This can return your room’s beautiful, lustrous look much more effectively.


Factors to Keep in Mind:


To paint the walls of your home, you should keep several things in mind. The perfect mixture of colours is essential to highlight the wall surface. Your hired painter and decorator may also follow a few techniques to achieve the ideal design.


Wall Painting Techniques that You Can Follow:


This blog will discuss four practical painting techniques that painting professionals follow. These are useful in bringing effective results and reducing the duration of painting the wall.


Move the Roller Around Full Height:

This is useful for painting the whole wall surface in one go. By moving the roller up and down around the total height of your wall, the chances of smudges and marks become less. Doing this may create dry patches on certain parts of the wall, which will negatively affect the visual features of your room.


Cleanse the Wall to Remove Patches:

It is one of the initial stages of painting the walls of your room. Painters and decorators should follow this step. Do not leave the parts containing dirt, like tube lights, switches and doorknobs. Use materials like deglosser or heavy-duty cleaner before the painting part.


Use a Primer:

If your property is aged and has been affected by the weather, you may spot some patches, marks or spots. These can harm the visual features of the walls and your room. To disguise these patches, it is advisable to apply primer before going on with the paint. The primer not only hides the cracks and patches effectively but can also smoothen the texture of the wall surface.


Use a Large Bucket:

Follow this clever trick to avoid mixing the exact texture of paint multiple times. Preparing colours in large proportions reduces the time and effort in preparing the colour. With a large bucket, you can complete various batches without any breaks for mixing the paint.


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