Whether you opt for domestic or commercial property painting, you must consider a few factors. Painting is one of the most efficient ways of adding personality to interiors. As a homeowner, you must spend considerable time choosing the suitable colour and design.

Look for the Current Trends in Property Decoration:

When you look at the recurrent trends in property painting, you will find many interesting styles. Patterned wall paintings have captured customers’ attention. They offer an opportunity to showcase your persona with a fresh splash of shades topped with geometric patterns.

Patterned Painting Styles that Can Match Your Property:

Remember to collaborate with expert painters and decorators in Newport if you plan to decorate your home with a new coat of paint. You can ask them to apply different forms of patterned painting that match your home decor. Below, you will find more about the most trendy patterns that can adorn your home.

  • Stripes on the Walls: This timeless trend has been part of the home decor routine for many years. You can choose this style and match it according to your interior style. The direction and width of the stripes play a significant role in determining a room’s dimensions. You can make the room appear cosier or more expansive based on the painting style. This painting trend also allows you to play with contrasting shades.
  • Natural Patterns: Try this pattern if you are immersed in dynamic natural inspirations. Opt for a mountain range that evokes a sense of tranquillity and nature. You can vouch for the zigzag pattern for a more rhythmic painting pattern, which resembles a jigsaw puzzle. The arch pattern is also very popular among several customers, who laud the rounded edges and classical shape of the wall.
  • Polka Dots: This painting pattern would surely grab the attention of fashionistas. Polka dots are one of the most popular styles for different types of apparel. Only a few customers know the pattern can be incorporated into house walls. You can introduce multiple shades of colours, vary the sizes, and play with the spacing for a unique flow.

You can apply these patterned painting styles to your property. For expert assistance from a team of expert painters and decorators in Newport, contact D & G Decorating & Property Maintenance Ltd. Our team uses modern painting equipment to create the perfect pattern on your walls. For more information, visit our website today.