The paint finish is the key factor and can transform a room from an ordinary wall to an extraordinary finish. The paint finish can create an entirely different atmosphere, making a room look more luxurious, elegant and cosy.

Different paint finishes are available, such as high gloss, satin, eggshell, and flat. Each paint finish has different features that provide a space with a distinct look. In this blog, you will learn tips on choosing the best paint finish and an expert guide from painters and decorators.

How to Choose the Best Paint Finish for Your Home Interior

  • Choosing The Right Finish

Choosing the paint finish is one of the important factors to consider when you are painting any surface. You have various painting options, like matte, satin, glossy and semi-glossy. Each finish has unique characteristics that make it best for specific applications. The satin finish paint has a low sheen, making it best for areas that need fast cleaning, like the bathroom and kitchen.

The glossy finish paint adds a luxurious look to the furniture and other surfaces that must be cleaned for their reflective nature. When choosing the right paint finish for your house, it is good to consider the room where you are painting.

  • Types of finishes

Selecting the right paint finish is a difficult task. The paint finishes provide different levels of longevity and shine on the wall surface. The flat finish is best for hiding minor imperfections. However, it does not offer protection and is washable.

The matte is similar to the flat finish. It has a low sheen and provides high-end protection. It is mainly used in the home interior projects. With modern technology, this type of paint offers protection too. The eggshell is smooth and low-sheen and provides ultimate protection. It is very easy to clean and can be scrubbed easily. However, it could be better for retouches.

The satin gloss is silky, has a sheen and is easy to clean. It is highly popular nowadays. In the earlier days, this finish was not applied in the areas that require high activity. But nowadays, satin finishes are best used on trims.

Before you consider the paint you need to apply, you need to consider whether your room receives high traffic or not. Also, you need to consider the lighting situation of each room before you decide on the paint.

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