Painting the exteriors of a commercial building is an extremely important task. A fresh coat of paint adds value to the property. It also makes the shop look much more attractive. In the long run, you will benefit from an increased footfall of customers.


 Choose the Perfect Colour Combination

As a business owner, you should focus on selecting a colour that reflects your brand identity. It will be beneficial to apply that colour to the exteriors of your shop. The choice will help you develop brand recognition and create a positive impression.


Consider these Factors Before Painting a Commercial Building

Before selecting a colour for commercial painting in Bristol, you must remember a few factors. In this blog, you can find these factors discussed in detail.

Type of Business 

Specific colours play an important role in controlling the emotions and feelings of a customer. A business should gauge the consumer’s perception of a brand. This will help them to select a suitable colour palette. A bakery’s colour combination would be very different from that of a fintech office. You can visualise and use colours that can perfectly create a brand identity.

Property Size

Try to choose an exterior paint according to the size of your property. If you have a large commercial complex, you should give more importance to selecting neutral colours. This will help your business look more welcoming and professional. Applying it can also help your building blend with the surrounding constructions. You may try a bolder shade for the door and window frames.

Target Consumer

A business should try an attractive colour palette to capture the attention of its primary target consumers. It should look aesthetic and appealing at the same time. Applying muted shades could be a total waste of money. It would affect the attractiveness of the commercial complex. A business must consider some key demographic factors to analyse its target consumers.

Surrounding Area

While painting a commercial building, you should focus on the colours of adjacent areas. Pavements, roofing and other exterior elements have a specific colour that could be quite costly to modify. Try to apply colours on the building that compliment the adjoining areas of the property. 

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