After you have finally bought your dream home, it is time to decorate it properly. Decking up all the rooms is integral to making your property look attractive. Perform all the painting works by balancing your aesthetic and visual sense.

Get Help from the Professionals

Collaborate with a good painter and decorator in Newport for the perfect painting work. They have the experience and eye for detail. Whether you decorate the balcony or the hallway, they can always come to your help with quality assistance.

Ways to Paint and Decorate Your Hallway

Painting your hallway is an important task that can directly impact the aesthetics of your interiors. A proper way of painting can help you get accolades from visitors. More about effective hallway painting is discussed here in detail.

  • Try Shapes and Visual Effects: A visually attractive hallway always strikes the visitor’s attention. You can accomplish this goal by adding accents and shapes during the painting session. For the base, you can use light-shaded paint. Play with the proportion of lighter and darker shades and incorporate Geometric shapes. You can also enhance the space’s beauty by decorating the woodwork, like the railings and doors.
  • Contrasting Tones: You can ensure a better result when you experiment with the available colour palettes. You have access to several shades, out of which you can try contrasting shades for better impact. If you like your room to look vibrant and extravagant, you can try intense, bold shades. The shades will harmonise with the interior environment and take out the best look of your hall.
  • Double-Toned Walls: If you want to redefine elegance in your hallway, you can try a single colour on all four walls. However, too many, this idea does not suit them well. If you are one of them and despise bland interior looks, you can try dual-toned colours on the walls. The best way to achieve this goal is to use contrasting shades of the same colour. As a result, you can achieve an elegant layered look whilst creating a new, bold look.

Try aesthetically painting your home to get cheers from your visitors on the next visit. If you need quality assistance from professional painters and decorators in Newport, contact D&G Decorating & Property Maintenance Ltd. We are one of the leading sources of new paint for residential and commercial properties. You can also take our help when you plan to renovate the property. For more details, you can visit our website.