Painting or repainting the office building is one of the pivotal decisions a business has to make. In the process, the business owner must collaborate with a reliable painting contractor who can perform the work according to their requirements. The contractor performs proper planning to complete the job within the stipulated time.

Why Surface Preparation Matters?

One of the crucial tasks in commercial painting is to prepare the surface beforehand. It is an important procedure that helps paint to attach properly to the wall or the ceiling. It consists of different steps, from cleaning to washing and filling in the cracks and gaps on the surface.


Site Preparation Basics for Commercial Properties

The painting contractors give great importance to preparing the surface of a commercial building before painting. Some crucial steps in the preparation stage are discussed in the next part.


  • Surface Inspection

    While performing such a crucial task, the contractors do not miss inspecting the surface of the building. In this process, the painters look at the areas of imperfections, blemishes, and cracks. They take a look at the position of the windows, gutters, soffits and fascias. These areas have a greater chance of affecting the painted surface with water.


  • Protecting the Interior Belongings

    Even before beginning the painting job, it is an important requirement. The contractor needs to ensure the protection of the surface that would not get painted. They also have to take care of the items inside the room and protect them from paint stains. An increased focus should be given to important belongings, such as desks, chairs and computers.


  • Establish Proper Airflow

    A fresh coat of paint dries more quickly and efficiently when the room has proper ventilation. A balanced airflow also prevents the build-up of paint fumes inside the area. The painting contractors take a look at the condition of the HVAC system of the building to improve the airflow in the building.

  • Surface Cleaning

A professional team of painters generally uses modern-day tools to fight the dirt, grime, and peel-offs on the wall. They generally use power washers to knock these off from the surface.


These are some important requirements for preparing the surface of a commercial building before painting. If you want help from the experts, get in touch with D&G Decorating & Property Maintenance Ltd. We are a well-known source who can provide you with proper assistance in commercial painting. For more information, you can visit our website today.