The productivity of your employees depends on the ambience you provide them for work. Many offices in Swansea have highly qualified and dedicated professionals, but their productivity is not as expected. This may be because the ambience they work in is not encouraging enough for them.

While creating a positive and motivating work ambience for your staff, you should pay attention to office wall paints. Professional painters and decorators often suggest that offices should have wall paints based on the type of work they execute daily. Let’s see what can be the best interior paints for the office to improve the overall productivity and efficiency of your employees.

Four Colours, Four Types of Impacts

Red: Red always symbolises energy. It evokes a sense of urgency. If your daily operations in the office include a lot of physical tasks, red should be the colour you apply to those walls. If it is a construction house in Newport or something that demands physical activities and effort, red will stimulate the energy level of your workers.

Blue: This colour has a deep impact on our minds. If your employees work on projects where their minds have to be more active than their bodies, blue coloured walls will help them perform better. You can use different hues of blue to stimulate their thoughts and imaginations. Creative agencies, media houses and similar offices should try this colour.

Green: Apart from creating a sense of being close to nature, green is excellent for creating a balance between mind and body. It is all about feeling calm and confident. Banks and financial organisations can consider using different shades of green on walls to help their employees experience this balance and calmness.

Yellow: This colour is considered as an emotion stimulating colour. People who work in creative industries like entertainment, magazine or film should try yellow paints in their offices. This colour also makes people feel happy and positive. Hence, it can be an ideal colour for places where you have to deal with children or older people, like schools and nursing homes.

When you deal with experienced and efficient Painters and Decorators in Cardiff, they can suggest the right kind of paint to suit your industry type and the kind of work you perform daily in your office. These colours can increase the productivity of your workers to a great extent.

You can talk to the experts of D & G Decorating & Property Maintenance Ltd for such suggestions. We offer complete property refurbishment services at competitive prices for commercial and residential properties located in various locations, including Newport, Cardiff and Swansea.