Painting and decorating your home to give it a new and fresh look is highly required. This will not only improve the value of your property but also help you to feel positive and fresh while living in the same house for several years. Professional painters and decorators in Swansea can make things easier for you and provide you with the best service as per your budget and needs.

Nonetheless, sometimes property owners make terrible mistakes while painting and decorating their rooms. These mistakes are costly and reduce the value of your home.

Paint Mistakes For Your Home

  • Choosing Flat White for the Ceiling

Painting the ceiling with flat white can take the room down. It will reflect a shade of grey and cannot let any other colour reflects properly from the other walls of your room. Instead of pale and flat white, you should opt for a creamy hue to get a sophisticated look for your ceilings.

  • Go for Matchy-Matchy

Choosing the paint colour of your walls matching with that of the curtain, upholstery or cushion covers is very tempting and easy. But, going too matchy-matchy will spoil the elegance of the room. Your home’s interior will look too basic and straightforward. If your curtains are blue, you can choose the shades of yellow or pink for your walls.

  • Not Trying a Wild Option

Being a bit wild while painting and decorating your home is not an option. Rather, playing too safe can end up giving you a dull and unimpressive interior. Use enough contrast while painting your walls to get some interesting features. You can make this contrast by choosing furniture pieces with contrasting colours of your wall paint to create an intriguing appearance.

  • Ignoring the Importance of a Focal Point

While painting your home, you should never ignore creating a focal point; instead of buying a large sofa, a designer mirror or an elegant chandelier, you can consider painting one wall of a room with some intriguing pattern and design. You can keep that wall occupied with picture frames to create your personalise gallery. 

When you work with experienced and reliable painters and decorators in Newport, you will get some useful advice from these experts. They will help you to avoid these mistakes and get a great result.

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