When it’s about decorating your property, you expect it to be flawless to the last detail. Even the slightest mistake of the completed project can be highly frustrating. And the worst part is that these go unnoticed until the whole work gets completed. One of the recurrent problems in painting the walls is paint bubbling.


The Issue of Surface Bubbling After Painting


A painted surface may produce bubbles due to moisture and heat. This may cause single or multiple layers that lift away from the surface below. The paint may not bond well to the surface due to multiple reasons. To prevent such issues, it is vital to get help from a reliable painter and decorator near your location.


How Painters Can Avoid Paint Bubbling


To avoid paint bubbling on a surface, you need to take care of certain vital things. Ensure to follow the tips below for a complete interior painting experience.


Clean Wall Surface Before Painting

Wipe down the walls to remove even the last bit of dirt before painting. Your hired painter and decorator can perform this task professionally with the help of a damp towel or a sponge. After cleaning the wall, it is vital to remove the soapy residue from the surface too. Make it spotless before going on with the painting work.


Match the Paint Type

To ensure proper painting on the wall, it is important to ensure the new colour matches your wall type. Using a primer over the old painted surface is vital, which can prevent the issue of surface bubbling. It is also important to note that latex and oil paint do not go well with one another.


Dry Down the Surface Properly

Taking care of the damp walls can effectively reduce the effects of paint bubbling on a surface. Ensure that your painting and decorating professional treats the surface well before applying the paint. The wall should dry completely before you continue with the painting process. Using a dehumidifier or an exhaust fan can also be effective in keeping the walls dry.


Paint Patiently

Painting the home is a job that requires proper care and attention. It won’t help if your booked painting professionals rush on the painting process. Brush painting on the wall surface faster can introduce air to the surface. This is a primary cause for paint bubbling on the surface. After applying each coat of paint, the professionals should ensure drying the surface properly.


Check the Weather

Painting the property without considering the weather can create costly mistakes. Working during hot and humid weather prevents your painted surface from drying evenly. This may elevate the problem of paint bubbling on your painted wall. You can also control the room temperature by using a dehumidifier.


These are a few important tips that can prevent the problem of paint bubbling on your property surface. To make your property look more creative, try service from a leading source like D&G Decorating & Property Maintenance Ltd. We have an experienced team of painters and decorators who can add beauty to your property with painting. For more information, you can visit our website today.